Logistics centre

The unique mix of international B2C and B2B sales poses a logistical challenge. To be prepared for this, we opened a completely new logistics centre in Varsseveld (the Netherlands) in 2019. A larger building that breathes innovation, efficiency and ambition. A building with opportunities to think even bigger and to continuously motivate us to provide customers with the best quality and service.


By developing the systems in our logistics centre in-house, we are able to tailor this seamlessly to the needs of both us and the customer. The entire WMS software has been developed in-house. A perfect match between hardware and software, which reaches the highest level through continuous optimisation and innovation.

Supply chain management

We also structurally search for opportunities to optimise the supply chains outside the walls of our logistics centre.

Outside the EU, we deliver to consumers in Great Britain and Switzerland. To these countries we have our own daily linehaul and take care of the customs clearance ourselves so that the customer is completely unburdened.

In short, professional in online shopping!