As a total supplier for the hair & beauty market, we focus on both the private (B2C) and business market (B2B) and our e-commerce activities can be divided into:

Webshops for consumers (B2C)

With our consumer shops, we make professional hair & beauty products accessible to private individuals. We keep more than 30,000 products of 300 brands in stock in ons warehouse in Varsseveld and we ship to customers all over Europe on a daily basis. Through our efficient network of transporters, we can guarantee to serve these customers within 2-3 working days on a European level.

In the Benelux we are the market leader with In the German-speaking countries, we operate under the name and other countries in Europe we serve with Salontotal.comFor each European country, we have our own shop in local language and currency to provide the consumer with the ultimate shopping experience. 

In addition to the above professional hair & beauty shops, we offer accessories in the Benelux market via

Portal for professionals (B2B)

We have a separate portal for professionals: Professionals such as hairdressers, beauty salons, barbershops, retailers, e-tailers, training institutes and wholesalers can become customers here. This closed platform is only accessible with a valid CoC registration and VAT number.

With this platform, we are a one-stop salon supplier for the professional. By providing real-time insight (into stocks, for example), we offer the client the opportunity to determine the logistical handling of the order, naturally at wholesale conditions.

Since order processing is carried out via packages, we can also deliver professionals throughout Europe within 2-3 working days.

Trade & distribution (B2B)

Besides serving the consumer and the (small) professional, we are a distribution partner in mainly A-brands for retail, e-commerce, distributors and wholesalers worldwide. With our global network and strategic location, we offer added value to both customers and suppliers.

Order sizes can vary from single boxes to pallets and from full-trucks to containers.

The same applies to delivery frequencies, giving our customers the most efficient and flexible access to luxury branded products at competitive prices. Our personal approach allows us to offer customised solutions for each customer.

The activities in this division mainly concern professional hair & beauty products, but may also include other fast-moving consumer goods and other goods. In addition to expanding our product portfolio, we are constantly looking for opportunities in new markets to ensure we remain a leader in adding value to our global luxury brand portfolio.

TEASE by salontopper

As an extension of our e-commerce activities, we operate a leading salon in the centre of Varsseveld: TEASE by salontopper.

In this qualitative multi-branded salon we present part of our product range. Besides the regular salon activity, we also use this location for content creation and training.