Our employees are the engine of our success. Good working conditions and a pleasant working environment are the basis for this. We also make a positive contribution to the world around us. For example, we are proud sponsors of De Graafschap football club and we support many other local clubs and initiatives.

Code of Conduct

We are active in international trade and distribution, so it is important that we know who we are doing business with and that our people are aware of all the laws and regulations.

Our Code of Conduct requires all our employees to comply with the laws and regulations of the countries and industries in which we operate. At the same time, we expect integrity and reliability from all our business partners, suppliers and customers.

To prevent corruption, fraud, bribery and other unethical behaviour, we have intensified activities aimed at gaining better insight into our customers and suppliers. All new such business relationships are checked against OFAC and EU sanction lists.


Sustainable business is here to stay. Our company buildings are completely gasless and equipped with heat pumps. When designing our business processes, we always keep sustainability high on the agenda. For example, we always use packaging made from recycled material without any specific print, so that it can be easily recycled again. In addition, we use several types of packaging and send the products in the smallest possible package, so that more packages can be sent per shipping unit. Also, when choosing carriers, we always assess their sustainability targets to keep the whole chain under control. Translated with (free version)